Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is for the Birds

My newest thrift shop purchase. For $2 I got this vintage wall hanging with birds on it. I have a great vision for this and it includes, you guessed it, PAINT! It will go somewhere in the master bedroom, just not sure where.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Master Bedroom Redo

2 posts in one day, so much to catch up on.....

We are switching rooms around in the house and the master will be what was once the boys' room. These pictures are just strictly for the paint change, no decor has gone up.


Took border down only to realize there was a painted on stencil as well, lucky us.


blue is gone...

And a after, this paint color is hard to capture, it's a color from PB catalog that was matched with Valspar paint. It's a bluish gray. LOVE it!!! Yes, that is the infamous Pottery Barn Spiral Votive Holder!

More to come....Stay tuned.

My first post

So, here is where it starts. It will be a pretty bleak one since I don't have a lot of time. My idea with this blog is to show off my thrifty shopping deals. My favorite place to shop are my 2 local thrift stores that support the mentally and physically challenged adults in our county. They provide them jobs and a source of revenue to keep the program going. It's a win win for everyone.

My first purchase to show off wasn't a thrift shop find at all, it was from Ebay. I just purchased a set of large tiki fork/spoon wall hangings. I got the idea from another blogger and went searching for a pair of my own. Ebay has been hit/miss with them but after a week of looking, I found one with a Buy it now and best offer button. I offered $15 and the seller accepted it. Yay for me. I'm sure I would eventually have found them at a thrift store but I didn't want to hold out for them.
So here they are..........THE BEFORE

Now, I have to wait for them to get here and hopefully soon, I'll have an after picture.

So scratch this one. I got them in the mail Saturday and they aren't big enough for the space I wanted to use. Went back to Ebay and bought another set but this one is 28". Can't wait for them to get here.