Friday, August 13, 2010


I am linking this project to the DIY party

The funny thing about this project is about a month ago when I planned it, I thought I was being original. Ha. That's a funny one. I saw 2 scrapbooking pages at Michael's and just knew they were destined to become my wall art. I just had to find the right item to mount them on. Not long after that day, I was looking through blogland, I saw someone had beat me to it with the two exact pages. AND this week, yet another person has used them.

However, mine is a little different, I finally found the perfect piece to mount one of them on and it was bigger then a 12x12. I love the results though. It was originally a black and white print of Audrey Hepburn dancing with someone and mounted to a piece of MDF. I spray painted the edges and put some antiquing mod podge all over it. Then I tried to get it as centered as possible and mod podged the whole thing with a few coats. Here is the end result......

Now I just need to find it a proper home. Oh and find something to mount the other page on. When it's complete it will go in my 2 younger boys rooms. I can't wait.