Friday, August 13, 2010


I am linking this project to the DIY party

The funny thing about this project is about a month ago when I planned it, I thought I was being original. Ha. That's a funny one. I saw 2 scrapbooking pages at Michael's and just knew they were destined to become my wall art. I just had to find the right item to mount them on. Not long after that day, I was looking through blogland, I saw someone had beat me to it with the two exact pages. AND this week, yet another person has used them.

However, mine is a little different, I finally found the perfect piece to mount one of them on and it was bigger then a 12x12. I love the results though. It was originally a black and white print of Audrey Hepburn dancing with someone and mounted to a piece of MDF. I spray painted the edges and put some antiquing mod podge all over it. Then I tried to get it as centered as possible and mod podged the whole thing with a few coats. Here is the end result......

Now I just need to find it a proper home. Oh and find something to mount the other page on. When it's complete it will go in my 2 younger boys rooms. I can't wait.


  1. Okay, I got a little sidetracked with my last comment (in your last post) writing about nursing school. What I also wanted to tell you is that I'm so glad you can relate to all of our crazy medical issues. When Superkid was a baby, and diagnoses were piling up (heart, reflux, eye muscle, etc.) I kept asking, "Couldn't all of these issues be related? Is there some syndrome we should be testing her for?" I was always told that these things were typical for heart children, or that we were just unlucky. It wasn't until we moved and had a baby with even more serious issues, that we were connected to a specialist who could tell us what was really going on. It took us almost two years to get Superkid's diagnosis of mitochondrial disease (a mild form). Since this is a new diagnosis for us, I'm just starting to learn about it, but I recently came across the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation ( When I was looking over the list of possible symptoms, I wished I seen it five years ago....I would have known what syndrome she should be tested for. The diagnosis hasn't been easy to get, but it sure answers a lot of our questions. The specialist who diagnosed it is in genetics and metabolism. He told me that most of the kids he sees have been passed from specialist to specialist. He believes that many of the children born with CHD actually have metabolic disorders, too, and that the metabolic issue caused the problems in utero that led to the CHD.

    Sorry to go on and on...but I thought that information could be useful to you. Hope you have a great weekend!