Friday, April 16, 2010

Going with the theme of the pillow

I've been shooting myself for not picking up this lamp at the thrift store that I'd been eyeing for awhile. Someone finally bought it and for only $3. Headslap here. Well, I'm so glad that the lady did. Today I found 2 of these beauties for only $12. LOVE them. The ceramic is the color green in my inspiration pillow where the other one was not and I would have to paint it. There were 2 of this one. YIPPEE! And these also came with shades in decent condition, the other one was pretty much trash. You can't work with trash. YUCK.

So here is what they look like......

Now, I have to decide how to cover the shades and paint the metal accents, probably going to go with oil rubbed bronze or ORB.

Went with the ORB and here they are side by side to see the difference


  1. Great lamps for the price. Perhaps make the base that pretty yellow....I see a lot of gals are using burlap for the shades and then use a nice trim...pick up the colors in the lamp. Have fun!

  2. The lamps are great. Looking at the pillow, if you want something simple you could go with a white linen and then trim it out in the yellow. If you want something more funky then go with a stripe fabric with the colors from the pillow!