Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Dump find

I picked this cutie up at the dump a few weeks ago. I originally listed it on Craigslist for $50 with a few bites but no sales. I relisted it for $35 and the hubby said the first person to make an offer takes it or it's going on freecycle. The first person to respond offered $20 and it was sold. Of course, I had more responses this time around and could've held out for the $35 but $20 is $20 and still more than what I paid for it.


  1. Nice find! Thanks for linking up at My Dear Trash. You are teaching your family some great lessons about recycling and saving/earning money. Nice Job.

  2. How does that work, getting something from the dump. I never thought to try that avenue.

  3. At my transfer station, people will set things aside that can still be used for other people to take instead of throwing it into the compactor thing. I'm sure if the stuff is still sitting at the end of the day the attendant throws it in.