Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's day planters made from wooden pallets

So, I think it's been well over a year since I've posted anything. Well, better late than never. For Father's Day, we decided to build planters out of pallets. I knew we had a few laying around from when we had our pellets delivered. To my dismay, my oldest son informed me that my husband had burned them in his last big bonfire. :( I decided to buy some cheap supplies from Lowe's and call it a day. We bought all the needed supplies including the plants. Before we headed home, we had one more stop. THE DUMP. Sitting in a big pile were a whole bunch of pallets for the taking. I picked up two and was happy to return the wood we had just purchased. First, I had to destruct the pallets. This was a chore in itself. I used a plain hand saw but my hubby felt sorry for me and came over with his chainsaw and finished what would've taken me hours in a matter of minutes. Trying to figure out the proportions was the hardest part. Once, we had the first one done, the second one was a piece of cake. I dry brushed the box with an OOPs paint from Lowe's, making sure to do it haphazardly because then I used a dark stain to age it. I then printed off the words I wanted to use, marked up the back of the paper with pencil, laid it on the boxes and then traced the letters. This left me with a great stencil to paint the letters onto the box. I painted 2 coats of letters and once they were dry, I scruffed them up a little with the only sand paper I could find without going into hubby's workshop. LOL. A nail file. For G-Daddy, we planted a little spice garden. For Pop, we planted a tomato. These went over really well. I was a little sore the next day but it's definitely a project I will repeat.

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