Monday, December 27, 2010

The only handmade Christmas gift this year.

Usually, I have a ton of handmade items for gifts. This year not so much. School got the best of me and my time. I got the idea from The Adventures of One Crazy Lady and she made a pillow. LOVED IT! It got me thinking that I can do this. I had a ton of vintage buttons and the perfect fabric. This is super easy and makes a great personalized gift.

I started with the picture of this monogram. I cut it out and traced it onto a cloth napkin for me to use as a template for putting the buttons on.

It wasn't finished but my SIL was so excited about it that she wanted to take it and finish it on her own rather than wait for me to find the perfect frame. Now I want to make more since I love how this one turned out.


  1. Hi Cheryl. The project turned out great!

    To answer your question about my chalkboard knock off project, my board didn't come with any glass. It does appear that glass was originally meant to slide in over the board though. I just painted the back of the board, and then wrote my message on it.

    Hope that answers your question. Have a great day:)


  2. Hi Cheryl, thank you for stopping by Lakeshore and commenting about my table. We ended up selling the dining hutch before we knew about Annie Sloan CP and It seemed like a bigger piece of furniture than I wanted in the space...we wanted the table to have both extensions in it at all times and with the hutch as well it would have been too crowded. We do have a smaller hutch in place now that I found at an antique store for a steal and painted with the same color chalk paint as the table. I hope you are having a great weekend!