Monday, June 28, 2010

I've never had to

Is this the response from people when you say you are a thrift store junkie? I was having casual conversation during a study group this weekend and this statement was made. So, my question to you is, do you shop at thrift stores because you have to or because you enjoy it?

I, myself, could be a millionaire and STILL shop at the local thrift stores. I would be the one everyone wonders why I still shop there. I've never really "needed" to shop at thrift stores, so the comment threw me off guard. I love the thrill of the hunt, saving money and keeping the landfills free of less of all of these things.

I will be doing a post soon about how I just bought almost my entire wardrobe for under $100 and most of it still had the tags on it, from J Crew even :)

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  1. I love shopping at thrift stores! But I too have never HAD to. My good friend and I would make a day of it going around to different thrift stores and go treasure hunting, so to speak. :) Its always fun, and sometimes you DO find great clothes that are name brand and NEW! Its awesome.. Id also look for things for crafting and decorating. Its so much fun.

    How silly to think the way that lady does. I say just cause we have money.. doesnt mean I have to spend ridiculous amounts on certain items.. when you can get them cheaper. I do enjoy shopping at the mall and other regular price stores.. but Im always most proud of my deals! :) I always laugh because my sisters and I always brag about how cheap we get things for. Like we will get a compliment on something and we say oh $5 from ross, walmart, thrift store.. WHATEVER, yano? haha

    I personally think its something to be proud of.. I get embarrassed sometimes if I have a really expensive clothing item.. Ill be like.. im not saying how much THIS cost! haha
    It is nice to splurge sometimes.. but im with you.. shopping thrift is pretty great.